CTP moulded pieces for double flange joints

These moulded pieces are suitable for double flange joints. They are also suitable for a double flange joint with a backflow valve.

The advantages of Chabel® Thermo Protect

  • Excellent thermal insulation: the material substantially reduces the thermal loss.
  • Wide temperature spectrum: can be applied from –50°C to +250°C.
  • Reduces the number of occupational accidents: Chabel® Thermo-Protect reduces the risk of burns and injury as a result of contact.
  • Multiple benefits: the product is self-adhesive, moisture-repellent, self-extinguishing, and widely applicable, due to the extensive resistance against multiple media.
  • Has a robust nature: the material is UV-stable and weatherproof.
  • Practical: Chabel® Thermo-Protect is very flexible, plastically deformable, easy to process without use of any adhesives or tools, and easily repairable as well as removable.
  • Go Green: Chabel® Thermo-Protect is an ecologically useful innovation.
  • Durable: long lifespan and reusable, for both piping and moulded pieces.
  • Eco-friendly: the material is considered as normal residual household waste.
  • Independently tested: by the Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz (FIW) in Munich.

Application areas

  • (Flexible) piping for steam, gas and liquids
  • Valves, safety valves and other appendages
  • Pressure leaf filters
  • Tank roofs
  • Thermal oil installations
  • Vulcanisation presses
  • Manifolds


  • (Petro)-chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Asphalt plants