PSI Sealing plugs for pipes and pipelines

Waterproof and fire-retardant pipe penetrations. The PSI sealing system is the ideal sealing system for the single penetration of pipes and tubes in walls, floors, ceilings and compartments. Available in sizes for PVC pipes, casing pipes (DIN & ASTM) and drill holes.

The seal consists of two equal, semicircular rubber parts that are simply placed in the opening after the pipe or pipe has been passed through. Due to the unique design of the PSI plug, installation is faster and the performance is better in the long term. With the special PSI seal in Fire Safe version, a gas and watertight, fire-retardant seal is created for your pipe. Blanking plugs (in all drill diameters) are available for temporary blocking of the penetrations. These are reusable and therefore cost effective.

Product Specifications available. Get in touch with us!

Fire Safe version: 60 minutes fire resistant (Lloyd’s, IMO / MED approved)
Successfully tested up to 3 bar pressure resistance (witness tested, Lloyd’s)
Gas and watertight
Temperature range from -60 ⁰C to +200 ⁰C
Suitable for lead-through of pipes based on PVC pipe, casing pipes (DIN and ASTM format) and in boreholes
Wide range of consecutive sizes available (customization possible)
Choice of five materials: optimal price-performance ratio
Install in minutes: grease and install
No additional parts or specific tools are required for assembly
Can be loaded immediately after installation
Unique water-sloping design: no corrosion problems
Vibration damping

PSI plugs are used in and through:
• Construction companies
• Installers
• (Petro) Chemical Industry
• Cable companies
• Shipbuilding/Yachtbuilding
• Datacenter Telecom (Fiber into home/office)
• Railinfrastructure
• Road construction

Choice of five special rubber qualities

Chabel supplies this type of plugs in various materials. Special materials have been developed for the PSI plugs, recorded in compound codes. These guarantee optimal sealing and a long service life. Choose the kind that suits your application so you don’t pay for what you don’t need!

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